Into the Wyrd and Wild is an upcoming RPG supplemental for the OSR and D&D 5e. It is currently being written and illustrated by Charles Ferguson-Avery as well as a few other wonderful folk.

The core purpose of Into the Wyrd and Wild is to make the wilderness not just a set dressing or obstacle along the way to a dungeon, but an actual, functioning dungeon/adventure in its own right. To assist with this are guidelines, encounter ideas, as well as helpful steps for generating your own “wilderness dungeon,” all in the attempt to make the wilderness not just playable, but a fun and challenging place for both the GM and player.

The book is also to include:

  • A full bestiary of terrifying creatures, each with their own quirks and ecology.
  • Simple yet fun rules for wilderness adventuring, including exhaustion, camping, cleaning a body, and moon phases.
  • Entries on the dangerous and primordial factions that dwell in the wilderness.
  • Tables for generating everything from footpaths, forest dressings, random dungeons, and encounters.
  • Items, spells, traps, and more!

The book is set to appear on Kickstarter December 2018.