Book Preview: The Primal Wheel


One the last little previews of the book before it hits Kickstarter this Dec. 3rd… (nervous to say the least). Aside from that, I had a fun and slightly difficult time writing this section of the book, representing THE PRIMAL WHEEL. I wanted something significantly more high concept than the other sections I wrote, a complex and impossible force that represents all of creation in a bastardized Platonic sense. What I came up with was THE PRIMAL WHEEL, a collection of beings that represent the very concept of a word, phrase, or meaning. They can be called, but only after years of study or discovery, and what they bring ranges from diminutive changes, to apocalyptic destruction (all dependent on how well they were summoned).

Anyway, Into the Wyrd and Wild will be on Kickstarter this Dec. 3rd, tell a friend and check out the link above! Thanks to everyone for the support, critique, recommendations, and tons of content!

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