Faction Preview: The Ruin


Shorthand description of this would be “The God of Black Metal.” A savage, monstrous god that delights in spreading misfortune and subjugating the weak. When I designed him I set about creating a representation of the “cruel” side of the wilderness; something that is not ambivalent but genuinely sadistic. A true villain that exists in the Wilds.

If you don’t already know, you can learn more about The Ruin, other factions and 240 pages of similar content in my upcoming book “Into the Wyrd and Wild,” which drops this Dec. 3rd on Kickstarter! I will be running Early-Bird specials so make sure to set a reminder and mark your calendars!

As always, art is by me and you can see more at my Instagram @charlie_fergusonavery

6 thoughts on “Faction Preview: The Ruin

  1. the link to the kickstarter (if it should point to a preview) seems not to be working…
    just saying….. ’cause I’d love to see what’s coming and subscribe so that I won’t miss the start of the kickstarter


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