Channeling the Wyrd


The Wyrd

Forever wielded but never owned, the Wyrd is a force that binds all of creation together. All across the world its form weaves and splits like the infinite limbs on some colossal tree. Everything is touched by it, even if it is only the touch of a single silken thread. But, within the darkened confines of the Wilds, the Wyrd grows rampant and free. It grows in wonderous and magnificent size, binding and bending the world to its reach, all the while changing and mutating into something indescribable. The world itself begins to bend to its sheer power, twisting and distorting into shapes both unnatural and strange.


Channeling the Wyrd

There are those who see the boundless power and potential of the Wyrd. Druids who have drunk deep from the visions, scholars who have studied the infinite wellspring, and casters who have tasted its twisting energy on the wind. Those who are wise choose to resist the allure of such power, but every so often a particularly powerful or stupid individual will tap directly into the Wyrd, becoming a conduit for its wild and dangerous power.

For a brief moment, all of creation, destruction, rebirth and death is possible. So long as the Wyrd wills it.

Any caster who has sufficient knowledge or connection to the Wyrd may attempt to Channel the Wyrd, allowing them to cast any spell regardless of level, without material, or cost of a spell slot. As full-round action the caster Channels the Wyrd and selects a spell to cast. Once cast the character rolls a d6 and compares the roll to the level of the spell. If the roll is greater than the spell level, the caster remains unharmed. If the roll is less than or equal to the spell level, the character immediately suffers one of the effects listed below.

Anyone Channeling the Wyrd more than once in a day rolls an additional dice for every extra attempt, selecting the lowest result from the dice rolled.


  1. 1d4 limbs separate from your body. They remain alive and you are in complete control of them. You are unharmed otherwise.
  2. You age 1d6x1d6 years. This can kill you.
  3. You lose 1d6x1d6 years. This can kill you.
  4. You permanently change into a random animal of the same size. Your abilities remain unaffected, although you cannot speak as you are an animal.
  5. You transform into a tree over the course of 1d10 weeks.
  6. You grow a second face on the back of your head that constantly tries to convince you to do evil deeds.
  7. You become pregnant with a Wild Elf child, regardless of gender.
  8. Your shadow gains a mind of its own and leaves to conspire against you.
  9. Gravity is permanently reversed for you.
  10. Your face is taken away, reduced to a flat slate of skin. You breathe and see normally.
  11. You never existed, there is absolutely no record or memory of you up to this point in time.
  12. You are immediately transformed into a Grimmking, effectively killing you, and leaving you beyond resurrection.

2 thoughts on “Channeling the Wyrd

  1. #9 is some Pantema Inverted shiz. This, and your previous updates have all been awesome. I’ll donate to Kickstarter when the time comes. I’m excited to see what the book is gonna be like.

    Liked by 1 person

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