Wyrd Spirits and Beers

The terrors and trauma of the Wyrd and Wild turn many to vice. Drugs, gambling, sex are all common, but the most popular and widely available vice is drinking and alcohol. Because of the widespread use, many tweaks and changes to the brewing technique have created a series of liquors and brews that not only dull the memories of horror and bloodshed, but also provide some odd, albeit beneficial, qualities.

Each drink requires a save versus poison to avoid becoming increasingly drunk, while the effects of each alcohol last one hour.

  • 1st Failed Save: Tipsy – Advantage on charisma checks, disadvantage on dexterity checks.
  • 2nd Failed Save: Drunk – Disadvantage on attacks.
  • 3rd Failed Save: Plastered – Half speed, disadvantage on all skills.
  • 4th Failed Save: Wasted – Incoherent and illiterate.
  • 5th Failed Save: Blackout – You go unconscious.


Briarblood BeerThick and tinted with the taste of blood, its color a dark burgundy.

  • A favorite amongst fighters and thugs
  • Effect: Gain 1d10 temporary hit points.

Blackout A grain alcohol, smelling of paint thinner, it is the color of stormy sky.

  • A legendarily strong alcohol, it forces the mind to calm and reorder itself.
  • Effect: While under the effects of madness, if an entire bottle of Blackout is drunken within the next 24 hours the character may automatically reroll a save to uplift a particular madness or mind-altering effect.

Chainbreaker StoutDark and heady, strong enough for a howl, and heavy as rye bread.

  • A favorite among laborers, the “lumberjack breakfast” as it’s sometimes known.
  • Effect: Advantage on strength checks, disadvantage on intelligence checks

Coldflesh AleA crisp and dry brew the color of a chill morning, it is always cold and smells of winter nights.

  • Commonly drunk when the seasons change for the worst, it steadies the body against the cold.
  • Effect: You take half damage from cold and ice, but are vulnerable to fire damage.

Doomseer’s DraughtA darkly drink that sparkles like stars, it smells of foreboding.

  • Spiritualists, seers, and diviners are never far from a bottle of this drink.
  • Effect: There is a 50/50 chance you either gain an insight into the future or a false premonition.

Fat Jester CiderA golden yellow brew, smelling of fruit with a hint of revelry.

  • A drink for jovial times and conversation.
  • Effect: Advantage on charisma checks and skills, at risk of spilling important information or secrets.

Happy TimesA jovial wine, its color is never consistent and it smells of debauchery.

  • “The Drink of Hedonists,” known for feelings of euphoria and intoxicating bliss.
  • Effect: Drinking this gives disadvantage on all skill checks, but advantage against madness and other mind-altering effects.

Vizier’s FriendA wine the color of raspberries and ultramarine, it smells elegant and wise.

  • Favored for its calming effects and ability to loosen the mind.
  • Effect: Advantage on intelligence checks, but disadvantage on strength checks.

Stonehead A dour beer, dark and colorless, almost a shade of grey and smelling of loam.

  • A drink that rests the mind and body.
  • Effect: After drinking it you have disadvantage on attacks and skills, but if you fall asleep after drinking a bottle you may remove one point of exhaustion.

Wake the Devil WhiskeyErratic acrid liquor, the color of bloodshot eyes and scent of lightning.

  • A drink that excites the mind and fends off sleep.
  • Effect: You may ignore the effects of exhaustion. This does not remove it from you, but allows you to operate without the drawbacks.


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