Creature Feature: Moonslaver

tumblr_pff8iqVV3k1rtjpdoo1_1280A single brilliant light drifts through the dark. A delicate creature with slowly flowing wings flutters to the ground before scanning the area with a pair of lightless eyes. Its body is obscured by the blinding moonlight glow that it gives off, but a careful look reveals a feathered elegant body segmented like a moth. A series of tendrils like spider-silk drift from its head and its once brilliant nature is replaced with an aura of dread.

A Moonslaver stands no taller than a man with an elegant insect like body and thin feathered wings that move like silk in the breeze. Its head terminates with a cluster of thin probing antennae and its skull bears a pair of pure of eyes that seem to consume the light around them. They drift to the earth when the moon is full to break and bend the minds of lesser beings and inflict great misery upon the world around them.

They are terrible, intelligent and sadistic creatures that drift down from the heavens when the moon is full to feed on the flesh of others. At first seeking weak-minded prey via telepathy, they attempt to lure creatures close enough with their psychic power of suggestion. Once close enough they stick their tendrils into the victims’ skulls, forcibly turning them into thralls that obey their psychic commands so long as they are within range.

A thrall of a Moonslaver is not full cognizant of what they are doing. Each time the Moonslaver takes control they enter into a dream-like stupor, all memories of the atrocities and violence committed feeling like a strange and vivid dream. It is only after the Moonslaver leaves and the poor thrall “awakes” to see the blood on their hands that they realize the the horror of what they have done.

Because of this ability, a Moonslaver will constantly return, full moon after full moon, to gather more thralls and command those already enslaved to greater acts of barbaracy. With each victim of violence or fallen thrall, the Moonslaver laps up the blood and gnaws on the body with a strange proboscis like mouth. Month after month they grow fat on flesh until a particular area is devoid of sentient life, thrall or otherwise. Only then does the Moonslaver move on to another spot and starts its murderous cycle anew.

The Moonslavers are in fact extraterrestrial beings. They drift through space, circling the globe and forming strange nests in the darkened sky made of moonlight and silk. A few nests have fallen to earth throughout history, revealing much information about their utterly alien reproductive cycle. Rumor has it they are not originally from this world and are in fact cosmic invaders, come to feed on the easy and defenseless prey that lives on its surface.

Uncommon Item

Moonslaver Pelt – A pelt of fibers, finer than any fur, gleams and sways as if under the constant glow of moonlight.

A fashionable and incredibly expensive material, especially for nable looking to impress at a gala. Donning a cloak or clothing made from Moonslaver pelt grants a dim illumination like torchlight while it is dark.

Rare Item

Domi-bellum – A fat slimy organ resembling a stomach bathed in moonlight is peppered with long twitching tendrils resembling flowing silk.

The organ responsible for the Moonslaver’s ability to sway and bend the minds of those around it. A somewhat dangerous and experimental surgery can implant the organ into a willing hosts skull, giving them the Moonslaver’s dominate ability.


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