Creature Feature: Devil Stag

It moves with a terrible grace. A deer the color of demon-skin moves through the brush, accompanied by the smell of sulfur and brimstone. Upon its head is a set of wicked antlers made of tarnished gold and covered in carvings. However, its most unsettling feature is its mouth, a menacing grin made of glistening […]

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The Call of the Wilds

The Wilds is not just a place, but a force. More primal and powerful than even the greatest of archmages and hierophants it is beholden to no one. With such raw power, it is impossible to enter its domain and walk away unchanged. It is known as “The Call of the Wilds,” a pervasive and […]

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Five Wyrd Locations: Part 3

Council of Blind Archmages In a clearing you spot them. Once fine robes, now tattered rags, adorn five decrepit figures. They call out and beckon you close with staffs made of rusted iron and dry-rot wood. All five of them are blind and desperate for company. They will talk at great lengths about all manner […]

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Creature Feature: Bramble Beast

It plods on all fours, the sound of low hollow grunts like a wounded bear with footfalls like logs being pounded into the ground. A nightmarish bear creature, woven of fleshy veins and twisted fractal branches, it moves with brutish alien purpose. It has no face to speak, only a hollow lightless hole that seems […]

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Five Wyrd Locations: Part 2

Cairn of the First Hunters A seemingly innocent pile of stones are gathered here. However, each one is decorated with a crude image of a prehistoric beast. The first mortals to call themselves hunters would gather here, recording their bloody deeds and triumphs on rock and stone. This is their monument. Cenotaph to a Dead […]

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Creature Feature: Snuff Hounds

It comes only at night. It waits out in the shadows, just a pair of eyes floating in the dark and the faint smell of incense. It moves with canine swiftness, letting out a deep undulating howl, like a screech owl’s call many octaves too deep. They are beasts that stalk the night in packs, […]

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