Into the Wyrd and Wild Add-ons

ADD-ON INSTRUCTIONS: Press the “Manage Your Pledge” Button. If you have not pledged yet, it will say “Back this Project” Increase your pledge in the “Pledge Amount” box by the total of the add-ons you want to add. (The chart of current add-ons and their prices are listed below.) After the end of the Kickstarter […]

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Book Preview: The Primal Wheel

  One the last little previews of the book before it hits Kickstarter this Dec. 3rd… (nervous to say the least). Aside from that, I had a fun and slightly difficult time writing this section of the book, representing THE PRIMAL WHEEL. I wanted something significantly more high concept than the other sections I wrote, […]

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Faction Preview: The Ruin

  Shorthand description of this would be “The God of Black Metal.” A savage, monstrous god that delights in spreading misfortune and subjugating the weak. When I designed him I set about creating a representation of the “cruel” side of the wilderness; something that is not ambivalent but genuinely sadistic. A true¬†villain that exists in […]

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Channeling the Wyrd

The Wyrd Forever wielded but never owned, the Wyrd is a force that binds all of creation together. All across the world its form weaves and splits like the infinite limbs on some colossal tree. Everything is touched by it, even if it is only the touch of a single silken thread. But, within the […]

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Kickstarter Preview

December 3rd. December 3rd is the day Into the Wyrd and Wild drops on Kickstarter… Holy hell, less than a month away… While I’m tying up loose ends, proofreading, editing, and making final revisions I’d thought I’d post a bit of a run-down of what the book is, what it includes, and some of what […]

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Book Preview:Cherub

Easily my favorite creature to date. An excellent way to organically flesh out characters and introduce some RP (if thats your style), or just terrorize your players with baby-faced crow demons. I meant to post this way, WAY back in April, but somehow managed to to not only forget but bury the draft under the […]

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